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Blind people indian bhajan music team. *Andhudhyog school bhavnagar.

ビデオはKKBlindSchoolの学生達によるBhaja Musicです。
Donate part of the profits from sales to Blind School of India.
People who perform in this video are bliendness less then 50% as compared to normal people.
The location is bhavnagar(gujarat,india) andhudhyog school who help this kind of people to expand thier skills and opportunity.

On 4th and 5th August, 2018, Shri Krishna Kumar Singh of Bhavnagar, Anmol group of Mumbai visited blind industry school for two-day trips. In which he has lovingly celebrated Friendship Day with the liberal children and provided a great example to society. On the first day members of more than 35 groups were affected by various activities of the school, progress of children, computer education, home science education and education given to different departments of the institute. Apart from this, the priceless group gifted 160 children of the organization with a group of materials for handicrafts, handbags and other life needs.

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