Ayurveda is a relaxing massage for men
for their full body.


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Sesame / curing oil has been completed.
Once this is done, cook a little bit of sesame oil warmed up to about 100 ° C and apply it to the body. Essential vitamins · minerals · essential fatty acids · Essential amino acids and sesame peculiar ingredients of nutrients penetrate into the body and you can apply the original treatment of Ayurveda.

The first tester was a young man in my twenties who was a former student gymnast. I used treatment with aroma oil so far, but this time I used this curing oil and experienced it. The impression of the treatment was that it was moderately oily feeling and the feeling that was very familiar to the body was fresh. I am looking forward to the situation after 12 hours and 24 hours.

"Tema hima" this can be experienced because spend time and effort on, so how can you experience a little luxurious curing?!

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Amis c'est un groupe universel ou global pour qui aime le yoga et la naturopathie associée au toucher spirituel, donc notre but et nos objectifs très clairs que nous voulons faire la forme de plaque universelle / globale pour amoureux de yoga naturopathie avec touche spirituelle, aussi patient qui aime cela la guérison avec le système de gestion de style de vie, tout va bien pour les messages dans toutes les langues, pas de pensées négatives, vous pouvez participer avec âme merci vande matram


Friends this is universal or global group for specially who love yoga and Naturopathy associated with spiritual touch ,so our aim and objectives very clear that we want make universal /global  plate form for lover of yoga Naturopathy with spiritual touch ,also patient who love to this healing with life style management system, your all well come for posts in any languages ,no negative thought s, you can participate with soul  thanks vande matram


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「アーユルヴェーダ」をいかに現代に活かすか : インド、アメリカ、日本における実践からの一考察
How to utilize Ayurveda in contemporary India, United States and Japan




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